drug test

Livestock Sample Collection Procedure

The Ogemaw County Fair has the legal authority to require drug testing under the Animal Industry Act, Act 466 of 1988 as amended in Section 40(3): “A fair, exhibition, esposition, or show authority may require additional testing or vaccination of animals before entry, and during the fair, exhibition, esposition, or show.”

All samples will be collected by a licensed veterinarian or authorized representative of the Ogemaw County Fair. Testing supplies are located in the Fair Office.

The individual and/or organization requesting a drug test will be responsible for the cost incurred for the test if the test comes back negative.  Presently, the cost for this test is $35.00.  The cost incurred from a test with a prohibited drug present will be the responsibility of the owner of the animal that has tested positive.  At this time, the cost of the confirmation testing is $150.00.

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