Exhibitor Schedule


Sunday, August 14:

8-10 am  Beef exhibits accepted & weigh-in

10 am-1 pm  Rabbit exhibits accepted (Pavilion)

10 am – 1 pm  Poultry

11 am -1 pm  Sheep & goat exhibits accepted & weigh-in

2-5 pm  Swine exhibits accepted & weigh-in

2:30-4:30 pm  Swine exhibits accepted & weigh in

3-7 pm  Horse exhibits accepted

(Horses must stay in stalls or at the arena Mon. 8 am-1 pm)

4-7 pm  Still exhibits accepted

6 pm  Swine Pre-Show


4-7 pm  Still exhibits accepted

6pm  Swine pre-show


Monday, August 16

8-11 am  Still exhibits accepted

9 am-1 pm  4-H record books accepted

9 am-11:30 am  Dairy exhibits accepted

9:30 am   Judging of Poultry

10 am  Youth Riders (at the Horse Arena)

12:30 pm  Judging of Goats

1 pm  Exhibit Buildings closed for judging (will re-open 10 am Tuesday)

1-4 pm  Youth horse trail class

6 pm  Beef & Dairy Beef pre-shows

7 pm  Sheep pre-show


Tuesday, August 16

9 am  Youth Horse Show-performance only

9 am  Judging of Swine in Pavillion

9-11:30 am  Dairy Cows Accepted

10 am  Exhibits on display

1 pm  Judging of the Sheep in the Pavilion

1 pm  Canine Demonstration, Canine Obedience and Showmanship at the Canine Corner

10 pm  Exhibit Buildings close


Wednesday, August 17

9 am  Judging of rabbits in Small Animal Barn

10 am  Exhibits on display

10:30 am  Youth Dairy Show-showmanship only and Dairy Show (Open and Youth) in the Pavilion

1 pm  Canine Demonstration at the Canine Corner

1 pm  Goat Obstacle Course at the Goat Barn

3:30 pm  Showman of Showmanship-small animals in the Pavilion

6 pm  Open horse speed show

10 pm  Exhibit Buildings close


Thursday, August 18

9 am  Judging of market beef & dairy beef in the Pavilion

10 am  Exhibits on display

1 pm  Canine Demonstration at the Canine Corner

2 pm  Showman of Showmanship Competition Large Animals (in the Chief Ogemaw Pavilion)

6 pm  4-H/FFA Small & Large Animal Auction & Gallon of Milk Auction (in the Chief Ogemaw Pavilion)

10 pm  Exhibit Buildings close


Friday, August 19

10 am  Exhibits on display

11 am  Youth Horse Speed Show

11 am  Canine Agility at the Canine Corner

Noon  Animal record books MUST be turned in for judging

Noon-2 pm  “I Milked a Cow” at the Dairy Barn

1 pm  Canine Demonstration at the Canine Corner

10 pm  Exhibit Buildings close


Saturday, August 20

9-11:30 am    Removal of all small animal exhibits from livestock barn

9 am-1 pm   Removal of all exhibits

Exhibit buildings close at 1 pm

If you are unable to remove your exhibits at this time, please make arrangements for someone else to pick them up for you. Removal of exhibits before (after?) this time will disqualify exhibitors from receiving premiums or ribbons.


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