Youth Division

  1.  All classes are open to any youth who is between the ages of 6 and 19, except animal and Pee Wee classes.  See general rules number 4 and 5.  Pee Wee classes are open to any youth between the ages of 2 and 5.  Age is determined as of January 1 of the current year.
  2. No entry fee will be required for this division.
  3. Exhibits will be judged on the Danish System:
    A – Blue   B – Red   C – White
  4. An exhibitor may only enter one exhibit per class.
  5. Any poster exhibit will be on 22″x 28″ poster board.
  6. All Youth Division exhibitors must abide by the general rules of the fair.
  7. Barrel Painting Contest – Open to all Ogemaw County youth clubs.

trash barrelsLearning Objectives: The project must be an original design and created to enhance the environment.

Your club is invited to participate in the Trash Barrel Painting Contest for the Ogemaw County Fair.  Barrels can be painted by clubs to compete for cash awards.  They may be decorated any way you prefer.  Barrels may contain your club name.  Your club may paint as many barrels as they wish, however, only one per club may be entered in the contest.

Barrels are available at the fairgrounds.  They may be picked up anytime at the fairgrounds and checked out or they may be painted and decorated there.  If picking up, you must contact the fairgrounds and make arrangements.

Barrels must be in place and completed by 10:00 am, Monday, August 15.  They should be placed in the grassy area in front of the office of Exhibit Building #1.

After barrels are judged, they may be placed by your barn if you wish.

Criteria for judging:  neatness, originality, color coordination, sustainability to fair.

Prizes are as follows:  A – $25   B – $15

Must be preregistered by August 1 to enter Trash Barrel Painting Contest  Department 62 – Section A – Class 752

 Youth Livestock Departments

See schedule for Sunday and Monday for livestock entry times.  Fees shall be as follows:

  • Dept. 2 – Dairy – $3 per class
  • Dept. 4 – Beef – $3 per class
  • Dept. 6 – Sheep – $2 per class
  • Dept. 8 – Goats – $2 per class
  • Dept. 10 – Swine – $2 per class
  • Dept. 12 – Poultry – $1 per class
  • Dept 14 – Rabbits and Misc. – $1 per class
  • Dept. 16 – Horse and Pony: Youth – $3 per class (Adults – $4 per class)
  • Dept. 18 – Canine – $1 per class

Only one exhibit per person per class.

Youth Livestock Departments:

Dept. 2 – Youth Dairy:  Sections and Classes
Dept. 4 – Youth Beef:  Sections and Classes
Dept. 6 – Youth Sheep:  Sections and Classes
Dept. 8 – Youth Goats:  Sections and Classes
Dept. 10 – Youth Swine:  Sections and Classes
Dept. 12 – Youth Poultry:  Sections and Classes
Dept. 14 – Youth Rabbits and Pet Stock:  Sections and Classes
Dept. 16 – Youth Horse & Pony:  Sections and Classes
Dept. 22 – Youth Canine:  Sections and Classes

Youth Still Departments:

Dept.  60 – Youth Needlework: Sections and Classes
Dept. 61 – Youth Culinary Arts:  Sections and Classes
Dept. 62 – Youth Fine Arts:  Sections and Classes
Dept. 63 – Youth Folk Arts:  Sections and Classes
Dept. 64 – Youth Photography:  Sections and Classes
Dept. 66 – Youth Agriculture:  Sections and Classes
Dept. 67 – Youth Florticulture:  Sections and Classes
Dept 68 – Youth Horticulture:  Sections and Classes