Mission Statement

To dedicate ourselves to being a vital link in our community and surrounding areas for a fun filled learning environment and experience so that people can learn about and experience what agriculture is and how it is the basis of our very existence. We will do this with the highest standards utilizing appropriate people and materials available in a clean and courteous environment.

Our Volunteers

The Ogemaw County Fair would be nothing if it were not for all the volunteers that give of their time, energy and talents. These people are not just helping during fair week but during the year as well and the fairboard truly appreciates all of the things the volunteers do.

Some of the many things that have to be done are: keeping the grass mowed, the sticks and leaves picked up, the upkeep to buildings and grounds and more. A couple of weeks before fair registrations are taken and all of this must be entered in the computer, crossed referenced and tags and judges sheets printed out. The week before fair there are displays to be set up, cutains to hang, decoratons to be put up, signs to hang up and much, much more. Then we come to fair week. We have hundreds of volunteers that truly make the Ogemaw County their fair.