Awesome quaint fair with very welcoming people. We had a great time and spent around 4-5 hrs there just looking at all the animals, barns, exhibits, and merchants. Very cute Antique Village. We ate the BBQ dinner and it was very good.

Jennifer Clements

Kids first tractor/truck pull! Wonderful set up all around the fair grounds. Will be back every year

Kevin Kaul

Great fair.....good food. The displays are excellent. Make sure you check out the blacksmith.

Michigan Mike Up North

I look forward to the fair every year. This something for every age.

Tina Bunton

Best County fair I've visited. So much to do here and the antique village is a wonderful step back in time. I've been to many fairs in many states and this is my favorite hands down.

Savannah Bourcier

Love the fair, but ended up with flat tire, I had a spate stole . Just couldn't believe that happened, besides that... Monster truck show was amazing ? And thank you for the gentleman who helped me get up and running after the theft

Kristy Lauwers

Love the fair, but ended up with flat tire, I had a spate stole . Just couldn't believe that happened, besides that... Monster truck show was amazing. And thank you for the gentleman who helped me get up and running after the theft

Kristy Lauwers

Still my favorite fair! So much to see and do for all ages. The carnival, camp ground, animals to see, vendors, food, events, and hands on in the little village.

jodie watson

I haven't been in years, but I did always love going there as a kid. There is something for the whole family to be able to enjoy. The kids will usually enjoy the rides and the traditional "carnival stuff best". Ticket and bands certainly increased a lot over the years but one, I think that has more to do with the operator of the rides themselves because that just is a trend which happened at all fairs it seems over the years (in the past kid's day was usually the best day to get a deal for rides and stuff). A wonderful village to walk through. Lots of interesting exhibits to see. Many animals. They have different events at night (never went to any of those before).Usually pretty good options for the food. It is def worth checking out.

Jacob Sabin

This is real all American county fair. Tons of pride in the grounds and buildings and exhibits. Great food vendors plus the best Kettle corn our family has ever tasted. So many vendors of all kinds and a huge midway with rides for all ages.

west londo

We come every year! We drive up and make a vacation out of it every year! My kids Love to come to your fair, even though we have the biggest one in Michigan(Monroe County Fair) down the road from us! Always look forward to seeing everything every year! My son especially loves to get his photo with the guys walking around that are dressed up! (Last year I think it was Iron Man) Keep up the great work!

Joanne Guilford

I loved the layout of the whole fair. Spread out but not too far to walk to the next exhibit or place of interest. We enjoyed everything but the carnival rides. The reason we didn't like the carnival ride situation was because we arrived about one-half hour before they quit selling wristbands ( the ticket booth was closed for a time before the evening shift for wristbands could be sold). We walked around and looked/checked out everything else, intending to come back so the kids could get wristbands to ride the rides. By the time it was time for the ticket booth to reopen, it started raining, first sprinkling then raining quite steadily, so we left. So, other than the pause in wristband sales time, we enjoyed your fair!

Roxanna Clark

Reminds me of when the Saginaw Fair was 8 days great. Sorry to see so fewer exhibitors, though!

Pamela Smith

Saw Sawyer brown!

Truth Bomb

This is one of the most beautiful fairgrounds you will ever visit! The Fair Board really takes pride in what they do and it shows!

Bob Winter

Lots of Fun n lots of Good food!


A great place to take a family for the day. Good exhibits and places to sit for us older folk. Good carney food.

John Thom

Went up for the week of the gold in my county fair and many of my family were there it was a great time for the whole family things for the kids to the adults

Marie Frank

Enjoy going to Ogemaw County Fair, It is the best Fair to attend for kids and adults

Angela Adams

Fun rides, good fair food. Will be going back next year.

dawnyel t

Was there for the Ogemaw Fair. Food was way over priced, rides too.

Keith King

Beautiful setting in the woods! Well kept. Slow getting people in and out. Plan for this!

John Mier

Beautiful fairgrounds! Ogemaw takes lots of pride in the fairgrounds and it shows!

Penny Lalonde

When's the best fares I've ever been to

Kim Miss

It's always a lot of fun. Provides a lot of learning for my children.

D Gibson

Best fair will return next year

Tyler Irelan

Great family fun.

Chris Bruzewsski

Best fair I've been to in years.

Destry Hoffard

Best fairgrounds around Michigan.

Charlie Puzjak

Fabric Fair was awesome as usual!

Kevin Miller